Feu! Chatterton - Fou à lier

Feu! Chatterton - Fou à lier

Feu! Chatterton is a critically acclaimed French rock and pop band originally from Paris. They were founded in 2011. Their name is an homage to the poet Thomas Chatterton. In 2015, they released their first album “Ici le jour (a tout enseveli)” which was recorded in Sweden. The quintet is composed of Antoine (bass), Arthur (voice), Clément (guitar and keyboard), Raphaël (drum) and Sébastien (guitar and keyboard). The pen of Arthur Teboul, the singer, is inspired by Serge Gainsbourg, Léo Ferré, Barbara, Alain Bashung and Jacques Brel. Other group influences range from television, rock and jazz. Their music is a mix of poetic rock and lively electro and their style is closely related to dandyism.

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Fou à lier is the second track from their album. The video for the track was produced by Eddy and was directed by Nicolas Hu & Maïté Grandjouan, who were also the lead animator and illustrator. “Fou à Lier” is a phrase that comes from the 17th century and roughly translates to “Raving Mad”.

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