Do you believe in fate?


“Do you believe in fate?” is a charming love story short directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and created by the Shackleton creative agency for the Euromillones Spanish lottery. Original music is by La Nevera and the production company is La Joya.

A moment in which a couple discover their lives are about to change drastically.

The film questions the value of luck and coincindence and with the use of a flashback builds upon the idea that things in life do not happen by chance, but you have to go for them yourself. Director Daniel Sánchez Arévalo presents the story in a relatable and realistic perspective by focusing on the emotions and their progression from deep and contained confusion to utter joy, rather than the straight forward cliché celebration that lottery advertising is usually associated with. So how do you think you would feel in this scenario? How would you even tell your other half?

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo on Vimeo

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (born 24 June 1970) is a Spanish sreenwriter and film director who has worked on more than twenty films since 1995.

All images © Shackleton/”Do you believe in fate?”

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