AVAVA Britespace

AVAVA Britespace

AVAVA Systems is a high quality and sustainable space solution for nearly any type of construction from micro structures to multi-story urban developments. Britespace is their residential brainchild dwelling system that comes in three sizes named for the square footages they provide: Model 264, Model 352, and Model 480 (25m², 33m² and 45m²).


Filled with natural light, their floorplans are larger and more open in concept than typical tiny homes, while still filling the rapidly growing niche for small living. The Britespace interior can be fitted with complete kitchens, full baths or ½ baths, or used as a single open space suitable for an office or guest house, all provided as part of their patented system. AVAVA Systems has developed a flat packed housing system that can be transported in components (pieces) and assembled quickly without nails or adhesives in their final location. The AVAVA team is committed to revolutionize prefab housing from design and delivery, to final installation of beautiful homes, while eliminating nearly all construction waste, reducing the need for big concrete foundations, accelerating construction times, and creating a net negative carbon footprint. They do this by following their core principles: use the best quality building materials, design homes like a product, giving every detail the attention it needs and by staying commited to resource conservation.

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With AVAVA prefab housing, you receive a fixed price and schedule at the beginning of the project with no change orders or scheduling delays. They build everything in their own factory and the time it takes to assemble the home in your backyard is 4-6 weeks in one of the most clean and orderly processes in the industry, carried out by AVAVA’s own certified installers. AVAVA believes that beautiful design and a commitment to sustainability can work together with the efficiency of prefab to deliver the highest quality housing that the average citizen can afford—and that the housing industry can be massively disrupted by a strategy that is bold, innovative and thinks at scale.

AVAVA is based in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2010, born from a core belief that current methods of creating housing are not meeting our needs and that design and technology could rapidly change this. They are licensed structural engineers, contractors, and architects eager to think big. They design and engineer building systems for the future, today.

You can download the AVAVA Britespace Product Brochure here.

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  1. There seems to be a lot of similar, small, contained dwellings being produced. Interesting.

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