I’d Love For You To See Me Dance

I’d Love For You To See Me Dance

“I’d Love For You To See Me Dance” is an unconventional comedy short film directed by Matt Ingebretson. It is written by Matt Ingebretson and Bridger Winegar, starring Matt Ingebretson, Bridger Winegar and Anna Seregina. The direction of photography and editing is by Kyle Blair-Henderson. For the full credits click here.

A man moves into a new apartment, and his neighbor won’t leave him alone.


Matt Ingebretson is a comedian, writer, and filmmaker from Los Angeles, USA. He was featured on the standup compilation album, Holy Fuck  and has written for the Soup, the Onion, Funny or Die, and MTV. Matt was named one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch in 2014 and was featured on season three of Adam Devine’s House Party in 2016. Along with Dave Ross and Olivia Doud, Matt currently hosts a weekly standup comedy show by the name Good Heroin at the Stories Books & Cafe in California, LA.

All images © Matt Ingebretson/I’d Love For You To See Me Dance


  1. I know people like that dancer.

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