Michael Costello

Michael Costello

Michael Costello was born in 1954, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. After graduating from Burlington High School, he studied in the School of The Museum of Fine Arts and the Massachusetts College of Art. His work has been exhibited extensively in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the US and has been featured in both print and online publications.

In his own words:

“The Selfies”, is a series of self-portraits where my image is reflected in hand-held objects. The odd shape of the object brings to mind the Dutch tradition of anamorphosis, while reminding us of the current trend in our culture of recording our moments of minutia to be preserved for posterity, in the hope that they will have historical importance. The selfies have morphed into a series of portraits where I confront my aging self often in the guise of historical figures of comedy: Pagliacci, Gilles, and Silenus to name a few.


This is a sample of his latest work “The Selfies”
All images © Michael Costello

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