Vanessa Filley

Vanessa Filley

Vanessa Filley (b.1975) is an American artist and photographer who began her adult life investigating human rights violations in prisons, then started a clothing company making garments our of recycled materials and after having children made art more central to her life. She is largely self-taught, but thankful to be part of a thriving artist community filled with many teachers. She began showing work in 2015 and over the past year has shown with Photo Focus L.A. at Berlin Art Week, Photo Place Gallery, A.Smith Gallery, Darkroom Gallery, Perspective Gallery and others. She is looking forward to participating in upcoming shows at the Center for Fine Art Photography, Morpho Gallery and the Midwest Center for Photography. She is honored to be one of Photolucida’s Critical Mass Top 200 of 2016. Her work has been published in Shots Magazine and will be featured in the 5th International Photographers Annual published by Manifest Gallery.

In her own words:

As the mother of two girls with fanciful imaginations, in an era when childhood fantasy is often interrupted by technology, I have sought to create an environment for my children that allows for boredom and contains some of the magic I longed for in my own childhood while trying to impart an honest sense of the world we live in today. I find inspiration anywhere from fairytales to the natural world and current events. In “A Nursery Rhyme For You” I am attempting to both create a child-like fantasy world and allow the harshness of reality to seep in. When I make an image I am very interested in exploring it’s underbelly. I want to both dwell on and delete some of the darkness in any given scenario, to try on a story for size, to understand what it might be like to exist in that portal to another reality, to learn from it, but also leave it behind, as if in a dream.

This is sample of her work
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