Big World Homes

Big World Homes

Australia’s five major metropolitan cities have been classified as “severely unaffordable” for the past 11 years. The generational gap is widening, wages are declining, relative prices increasing, and most mortgages continue to go to existing home owners. Young people want the freedom that comes with being in control of their finances, and not at the mercy of the bank. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

This is why architect Alex Symes launched Big World Homes, one of the most progressive, socially oriented, community driven housing projects that Australia has ever seen. Big World Homes is a transitional housing product that offers a solution to people currently unable to get into home ownership. A Big World Home is a modular, mobile, off-grid housing system made from structural-thermal-waterproof integrated panels. For just 65K Australian dollars, it offers a new kind of asset rung for those who are finding it difficult to enter the market. Imagine a house that can be ordered online, delivered flat-packed, built by you and a friend, within a few days using simple tools such as a hammer and a drill, making incredible savings on labour.

The real opportunity for Big World Homes owners though, lies in hosting these homes on unactivated urban sites. Therefore Big World Homes works in partnership with developers, councils, community groups and individual landowners to negotiate where Big World Homes off-grid communities will form. Locating these communities on unused land, whether it is land awaiting development, or land that is unused in the long term, you avoid the insane costs of land and you get to increase your savings while living in a vibrant urban community close to work and play.

By dis-locating both land costs and labour expenses a Big World Home cuts up to 80% of the typical costs of a similar stand-alone dwelling. This means a young person or couple can increase their savings until they are ready to move onto the next rung of home ownership. Big World Homes are now crowdsourcing via Chuffed to build the first prototype home for their pioneer community and you can donate here.


  1. Can't say that they look particularly aesthetically pleasing or fit in with the landscape though.

    • It will be interesting to see what the actual exterior and interior will look like once the prototype is built and how different or similar it will be to the concept. :-)

  2. I love the concept and I hope they make it happen!

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