La Madre Buena

La Madre Buena

La Madre Buena (The Good Mother) is a brilliant fresh multi-awarded comedy short written and directed by Sarah Clift, starring Monica del Carmen, Abraham Espíndola, Fermín Martínez, Mary Paz Mata, Luis Eduardo Yee, Ángel Garnica and Rupert Degas. The direction of photography is by Matías Penachino, the editing by John Mayes and Tamara Levy, the colouring by Edwin Metternich and the production by Madrefoca Services. For the full credits and info about the soundtrack click here.

This is the tale of a Mexican mother torn between her politics and pleasing her only son’s birthday wish – to have a Donald Trump piñata.

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Sarah Clift graduated from UK’s Staffordshire University with a First Class Honours Degree in Advertising and Graphic Design and worked for more than 17 years in commercial media in the UK and abroad. She has been the creative director behind numerous UK and global award winning campaigns and worked alongside some of the best commercial directors in the world. Over the past year, Sarah made her directing debut, co-directing her first commercial (with Jorge Aguilera) for Buchanan’s whisky and began to focus on writing and directing herself, embarking upon her own solo-directing debut; “La Madre Buena”. The film won 5 awards in the Kinsale Shark Awards; Best International Short, Best Writing / Idea, Best Casting, Best Director and Best International New Director while still making its way to festivals around the world such as the LA Comedy Fest 2016 and the London Short FIlm Festival.

In her own words:

Spending time between Mexico and the UK , it became increasingly frustrating to see interpretations of Mexico I simply do not agree with. I wanted to create a piece of work that showcased strong women, family unity and the beauty and faith of the Mexican people I have had the pleasure to meet. Humour has always played a strong part in all of my work and seemed a wonderful opportunity to use in creating a simple story about the lengths a mother will go to for her child.

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