Pineapple Calamari

Pineapple Calamari

Pineapple Calamari is a wonderfully surreal dark stop motion animation film directed by Kasia Nalewajka and written by herself, Daniel Negret and Manuela Lupini. The direction of photography is by Stewart MacGregor, the editing is by Manuela Lupini and the production is by Daniel Negret. The sound design is by Adam Layland and the music is by Matthew Kelly. For the full credits click here.

Pineapple Calamari dreams of being a horse racing champion. He lives with two inseparable women who share a very special connection. But when tragedy befalls this happy family, their social dynamic takes a drastic turn to the unexpected.

Kasia Nalewajka is a film director, writer and animator based in London, UK. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and studied both Natural Sciences and Graphics. Combining her bizarre curiosity towards animals and an interest in pictures and illustration, she developed a passion for animated films. She mastered her puppet animation skills in the famous film studio Se-Ma-For, where she later co-directed and animated along with Paulina Szewczyk the award winning music video Sponge Ideas for the Polish-Argentinian band Paris Tetris; a surrealist film about a difficult frienship. After moving to the UK, Kasia studied Directing Animation at the National Film and Television School, where she explored a whole variety of animation techniques and gained substantial experience in directing and supervising a large team of artists. “Pineapple Calamari” was her graduation film. It premiered at The British Film Institute and was under consideration for the 2015 Academy Awards. Having been selected in more than 45 international film festivals, the film won awards such as Best Short Animation Award, Special Jury Prize, Best Student Film as well as  Special Mentions. Kasia is currently working on the development of animated documentary series and is particularly interested in squids.

You can read an interview with Kasia Nalewajka here.

Images and info © Kasia Nalewaika/Pineapple Calamari


  1. Twisted...but in a good way.

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