The Snuk is a tiny house designed by architects Leo Harders and Aldo Trim and it is one of the winning entries of the 2016/2017 Bouwexpo Tiny Housing competition, which was hosted earlier this year by the municipality of Almere in the Netherlands.

It is a movable small house which has no rear but two fronts making it possible to be placed across several orientations. An east-west orientation will allow you to experience both the rising and the setting sun. A north-south orientation will give you a more warm and a cooler side. It can be placed everywhere, whether on the seaside dunes, the forest, the open countryside, or in a town, in the street or the garden or even on the roofs. The Snuk is the contemporary version of the trailer and it is possible to place multiple units in groups around a common open space within a small community.

Images © Leo Harders and Aldo Trim/SNUK

The interior width is of approximately 3 meters and the depth varies, from 7 to approximately 11 meters. This gives you a choice between a Snuk of 21 and one of 33 m² (226 and 355ft²), but the size can also depend on the location. The optimal layout has its core in the center, living on one side and sleeping on the other. The outer width and height of the SNUK allows for transportation via the road network or by water, an option providing even more opportunities. The SNUK is a prototype intended to be produced in series. The structure is almost entirely built with quality wood while certain elements are made of aluminum and galvanized steel. The roof is suitable for installation of solar panels. The bevel at front and the rear allows optimum sunlight without causing nuisance and guarantees privacy.

You can read more about the Snuk here (in dutch).

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