What a bear dreams about

What Dreams The Bear Sees

“What a bear dreams about” is a funny and touching animated short echoing old Belarusian folk traditions and customs. It is directed and produced by Ruslan Sinkevich and written by himself and Anna Demidovich, along a poem of Anastasiya Gulak. The film features the voices of Alexandr Kashperov and Yousef Shumovich and it was developed in the National Film Studio “BelarusFilm“. The animation is by Stanislav Speransky, Anna Tumelya, Valery Kozlov, Marta Gerashchenko, Mariya Puchkova, Elena Tumanova, Elena Borusko, Mariya Matusevich, Mariya Ivanova and Nikolay Yarunin. The sound is by Evgeny Rogozin and the music is composed by Maxim Gerasimenko, performed by the band “Vuraj“. For the full credits click here.

A little boy wants to bring the sun back up to the sky. To do so he needs to wake up the Bear who is the guardian of the Sun during the winter.

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Ruslan Sinkevich was born in Mozyr, Belarus in 1981. He graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in 2013. His thesis was a plasticine animation film called “The Blue Dog“. He has worked as a director, artist and animator at the studio “Soyuzmultfilm” in Moscow and the National Film Studio “BelarusFilm” in Minsk. He has created five animated films and received several awards from international festivals. “What a bear dreams about” was featured in the 2016 Giffoni Film Festival and the 6th Kuandu International Animation Festival (KDIAF).

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