Alpha Tiny Home

Alpha Tiny Home

The Alpha Tiny Home is a beautiful, innovative tiny house created by the New Frontier Tiny Homes in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Alpha gets its looks from the wonderful contrast of material and style. Its modern aesthetic is contrasted with beautiful natural, textured materials: clean modern lines and large glass windows, shou sugi ban cedar siding and mechanical seam metal roof, hardwood floors and reclaimed barnwood ceiling. Coupled with closed cell spray foam insulation and Typar rain screen and moisture barrier, you’d be warm and dry at the bottom of the ocean. Among the Alpha’s stand out features is a custom fold down deck and awning, tempered glass garage door, a giant sliding glass door, and a custom 8 person dining table. Multi functionality and a maximization of space are the calling cards of this tiny house. Everything about the design and materials in this home are the highest luxury. What’s more the house is on wheels and ready for delivery.

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New Frontier Tiny Homes is David Latimer, Zac Thomas, and Eddie Latimer with the support of an experienced team of like-minded, highly skilled individuals committed to making the best tiny homes possible.

If you are interested to find out how you can help move forward the Tiny House agenda, so that the tiny home community acquires IRC (International Residential Codes) click here.


  1. Thank you for liking “Eerie Islands: Part 2.” I like the design of this tiny house. It looks modern and cozy.

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