Closet Space

Closet Space

Closet Space is another great short sci-fi horror film written and directed by David F. Sandberg starring himself and Lotta Losten, his wife. Happy Halloween to you all!

When a couple moves to a new apartment, they experience the horrors of a closet.

David F. Sandberg is a writer, director and animator based in Los Angeles. Born in 1981 in Jönköping, Sweden, he grew up borrowing his father’s VHSC and making his own films with friends and family. In his late teens, he worked at a video store which served both as a kind of film school and a way to save up for his first camcorder. That camcorder helped him make his first festival shorts and eventually led to his internship at the “Film i Jönköpings län” film centre, run by Svante Rosberg. In 2006 he made the short animated film För Barnen and uploaded it to YouTube. This was quickly followed by another, Vad Tyst Det Blev (All Quiet Now) which went on to win several awards at the November Film Festival and opened the door to job offers. Soon, David started his own company making commercials, short animation films and documentaries. While all these were taking off, David realised he’d moved away from his true passion, sci-fi and horror movies. So together with Lotta Losten, his childhood girlfriend whom he married in 2013, they started making no budget horror films in their apartment. The second film they did was Lights Out. Originally created as a contest submission for the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge, it became a huge viral hit and was screened at numerous film festivals around the world, picking up awards and bringing David to the attention of Hollywood. In 2016, he released his feature film of the same name and received critical praise. He is now set to direct Annabelle 2, the sequel to 2014 supernatural horror film, Annabelle, due out in 2017. He is represented by Gotham Group and Paradigm Agency in Los Angeles and FatCat Films in Paris.

To check out the making of and get a little more insight on how the film was created click here.

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Closet Space


  1. Ditto, I loved it too!

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