SOFI TUKKER - Awoo feat. Betta Lemme

SOFI TUKKER - Awoo feat. Betta Lemme

SOFI TUKKER is a New York-based acoustic house duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. Germany-born Sophie spent her teenage years travelling around the world, developing a passion for Brazilian and South American culture. Tucker lived his whole life in Boston and focused on music, when a medical issue made him abandon basketball. The two met at Brown University where Sophie was playing an acoustic set and Tucker was DJ-ing. Together they created a colorful musical universe with the release of their first EP, Soft Animals on July 8, 2016 with Ultra Music.

Awoo is their second track from Soft Animals and moves over a jazzy and trippy piano composition, accompanied by maracas and bongos along Sophie’s and Betta’s aethereal vocals. The video is directed and animated by Sam Mason. The direction of photography is by Sharon Meir and the production is by Walter Pictures. Betta Lemme is a Montreal native of Italian origins. Awoo is her recording debut as a featured vocalist.

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  1. very enjoyable to listen too

  2. Very nice. Awooooo!!!

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