Andreas Levers

Andreas Levers

Andreas Levers is a media designer from Potsdam, Germany working in advertising and interested in graphics, web design and photography. In his spare time he takes pictures, mainly architecture and landscape. Andreas has no formal education in photography and his photographic style is the outcome of practice, setting goals and pushing himself to take better and better pictures each time. Andreas selects his locations either by chance while walking around a city or by searching the net for information on unusual buildings. When possible he tries to put space in relation to a known shape or silhouette. A lot of his preferred shots from his earlier work feature human figures that provide context to what would otherwise be abstract shapes. While his work is making its way in Galleries Andreas believes he is still in the process of pursuing the definition of his personal, own, unique style.

In his own words:

Beauty is even in the smallest or most mundane things. And it gets better the more you share the experience with others.

This is a sample of his work
All images © Andreas Levers

You can read an interview with Andreas Levers here.

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