SIYYU - Stop Us

SIYYU - Stop Us

SIYYU is an electronic pop band hailing from Paris, France. Their sunny, uplifting, debut song “Stop Us”, featuring Cimo Frankel on vocals, took over the radio in their home country within less than a month after its release. Signed in France, Italy and Belgium, SIYYU is building an international plot.

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The video for Stop Us was shot in Barcelona, Spain and is directed by This is Felo, a collaboration of film directors Fermín Cimadivella and Lorena Medina. The direction of photography is by José Luis Bernal and the production company is Agile Films.

The vibrance and laid back melody of the song was an inspiration for us. We wanted to walk our viewers through the earth in different forms by showing a series of dreamy images, an oneiric trip between overwhelming landscapes and anonymous bodies. We want to transmit the sensation of liberty in which nobody can´t “Stop Us”. Our idea was to discover a new perspective and uncover its mysteries as we see through the looking-glass. By designing a series of geometric shaped mirrors within gorgeous landscapes we have created new abstract realities, producing the sensation of a new perception of space and the human sensuality.

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