Miel Bleu

Miel Bleu

Miel Bleu (Blue Honey) is a multi-awarded animated short, written, animated and directed by Daphné Durocher, Constance Joliff and Fanny Lhotellier. It was their graduation movie at the École Georges Méliès in Orly, France. The original music was composed by Matthieu Lechowski. The film has screened at over 100 film festivals all over the world and is still on its way to even more.

A small bee, allergic to pollen, discovers an extraordinary product that will dramatically impact the life of the hive…

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Daphné Durocher is a compositing 3d/live, lighting and rendering artist, Constance Joliff is a CG character, compositing, live-incrustation artist and Fanny Lhotellier is rigging and animation artist.

All images © Daphné Durocher/Constance Joliff/Fanny Lhotellier/École Georges Méliès/Miel Bleu

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