ON SUNDAY is a brilliant sci-fi short that is written, directed, photographed, edited and produced by David Lea, starring Brian Lea, Janis Lea, Marc Miles Thomas (voice) and featuring Silvia the cat and Bosun the dog. The music is by Jon Opstad, the sound is by Daniel Leavy and the VFX/CGI animation, modelling and rigging is by David Lea, Chris Dawson, Ian Brown, David Head, Catheine Brooks, Conor O’Ryan, Simon Brown, Francois Pons, Rick Theile and Anthony Martin.

A man and his dog make their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of Cornwall…but this time they realise they’re not so isolated after all. Who said nothing ever happens on Sunday?


Writer and director David Lea has over 14 years experience in film, animation and VFX. He first won acclaim in 2002 when “Half Life“, a film he co-directed for Greenpeace, won First Prize and Special Jury Prize at the young Advertising Awards in Cannes. Since then he has worked extensively as a compositor on commercials, television and film, directed award winning music promos and written and directed numerous shorts. His film “Storage” premiered at the 66th Venice International Film Festival before screening at festivals around the world while his new sci-fi short “ON SUNDAY” is now being entered into festivals. Coming from a background in film, photography, fine art, writing, animation and using an individual mix of narrative drama, off beat humour and distinctive visual style he continues to draw, paint, write, film, direct, work as a VFX artist and develop ideas for feature films.

To read more about ON SUNDAY, the idea behind it and how it grew from a 2 months project into a 5 year obsession click here.

All images © David Lea/ON SUNDAY

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