Tiny Eco-House

Tiny Eco-House

The Tiny Eco-House is an adaptable folding mobile house ready to fit into any landscape, designed by Salt & Water, a Serbian design studio specializing in yacht design.


The house is made of natural materials, mostly of wood. Its design is based on the idea of combining the outer space with the interior, a concept that provides a strong connection between users and the surroundings. This kind of layout allows users to enjoy the natural environment, while providing them with much-needed privacy, as well as complete safety. The house is designed as a multi-purpose portable object whose geometry can be changed when disassembled.

All images © Salt & Water/Tiny Eco-House

The central interior part of the house is imagined as a comfy living zone with a living area, a dining room and a kitchen. There is also a sleeping zone above the bathroom. Householders can also use a tiny storage room which can be reached from the outside. There they can store all the terrace furniture, as well as gardening tools. The outdoor area, entirely consisted of a big terrace, is attached to the house and can be easily disassembled. When put together, the house is completely closed, asymmetrical and safe from any external factors – human or otherwise. During summer, the house can be fully opened, allowing the natural environment to fill the interior. The house model is prefabricated which means it does not require additional construction work. However, permits for its construction could vary from country to country. Furthermore, with only 20 square meters (215 square feet) in size, it can even be built in someone’s yard as extra lodging.

Salt & Water is currently working on their customer waiting list to make sure that all interested parties get the necessary information once the product is ready for production. To join their waiting list, click here.


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