Cody Bratt

Cody Bratt

Cody Bratt is a fine art photographer based in San Francisco, California, USA. He has been playing with cameras his entire life, but his interest in photography started while watching his father, a photoengraver, shooting artwork on giant six by six foot cameras under a red lamp. To Cody there seemed to be something magical about how he would capture the image and turn it into a physical plate etched in metal. In his early twenties and after experimenting with print design, he started shooting Polaroids. That artifact based magic he was remembering from the photoengraving process immediately came back to life. Since then, his work has largely focused on the rediscovery of things that were once immensely important and loved, but now seemingly forgotten.

In his own words:

The only thing the photograph can hope to faithfully capture in high fidelity is an emotion or feeling. To say it captures a factual scene feels naive. The photographs I try to make act as an imagined narrative to very real stories, as if each photograph is a love letter to the world; a life dripping in seduction, joy, melancholy, fear and discovery as the things around us deteriorate and are reborn. I now shoot with a various combination of digital, film and instant film cameras as I aim to create a patchwork narrative that at once appears intimately familiar with the viewers’ own life experiences, yet still simultaneously strange.

This is a sample of his work
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