LEISURE - Got It Bad

LEISURE - Got It Bad

Leisure is a five-piece band from Auckland, New Zealand who met through other musical projects working as producers and songwriters. Looking for a new creative outlet unconstrained by over-thinking and excessive control, they decided to head to a wild, wide-open beach on Auckland’s west coast taking enough gear to set up three different recording rooms, creating their own ideal music-making world and then letting it flow. This led to Leisure, a melting-pot where each member brings different influences (70s funk, 90s rap, R&B, early 00s dance music), a different set of skills (strong pop song writing sensibilities, experimental production techniques) and the talent to mix and master their own work.

Leisure’s Soundcloud

“Got It Bad” is the first track from their self-titled debut album and went viral when released on Soundcloud in 2015. The video was released last week and is directed and edited by Joel Kefali. The direction of photography is by Germain McMicking.

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