Hadars Hus


The Hadars Hus (House of Hadar) is a small house by the coast at Stokkøya, Norway. It was designed by Asante Architecture & Design, as part of the Bygda 2.0, a development project focusing on a contemporary interpretation of the Norwegian village, set in a dynamic context and combined with spaces for business, industry and research activities. The aspiration is to create a dynamic composition, a conscious symbiosis between all parties.


The Hadars Hus is a residential building of 60m² (646ft²), designed by Frida Öster (Asante Architecture & Design) for Hadar, the assistant manager at the local beach bar at the Stokkøya Sjøsenter. It is built in two units, one hosting the hallway and the bathroom/laundry room, and one consisting of the kitchen, the living room and the sleeping loft. It was designed and placed to be open to a future expansion of one extra room if needed. The house has many features and clever details, with built-in niches, such as a sunken bath overlooking the ocean, and energy smart heating solutions. The facade is maintenance free built of burned wood, a traditional japanese technique transformed into a norwegian context. Situated on the pebbles next to the shoreline and partially standing on seashore piles, the house provides a floating feeling, while offering a nice outdoor space and beautiful views over the water and the mountains.

All images by Marius Rua © Asante

Asante Architecture & Design is located in Stockholm, Sweden and was established by Frida Öster and Carolina Wikström shortly after they graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology. The idea for Asante was first conceived when they both returned to Stockholm from their studies abroad, Frida from Paris and Carolina from Berlin. Today it is a studio on the rise with the vision of creating beautiful and sustainable architecture and design wherever the opportunity arises.

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