Elohim - Hallucinating

Elohim - Hallucinating

Elohim is an electro-pop artist from Los Angeles. Her name and personal information are a mystery. Her face is usually behind of what looks to be a lion’s mask, when view is not obstructed by long black hair. With a name meaning “God” in Hebrew, she has chosen to remain incognito, uses a text-to-voice system to speak on record or in telephone interviews and wants to let her music do the talking so that the audience can experience her sound in their own way, with no preconceived notions or judgments.


Hallucinating is her latest track and it is a genre bending song that combines electro-pop with violins in a mariachi band interlude. The video is directed by the award winning actress, writer & director Megan Park and the direction of photography is by Markus Rutledge.

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  1. Love Elohim, never heard her before you showed me. :)

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