Embers & Dust

Embers & Dust

Embers & Dust is a beautiful sci-fi short, the long-gestating passion project of writer and director Patrick Biesemans. The direction of photography is by David Kruta and the original music is by Aled Roberts. For the full credits click here.

On the evening of October 30th, 1938 Orson Welles’ voice traveled far across the radio waves, bringing word of an invading alien army from Mars. The theatricality and delivery of the performance, along with recent memories of the Hindenburg disaster (one year prior), sent many listeners into a panic. Unfortunate coincidence would fall upon the town of Concrete WA where, at the height of the invading alien attack, a power transformer blew out sending the entire town and surrounding areas into darkness. These circumstances are the backdrop of Embers & Dust.


As a filmmaker, Patrick Biesemans gravitates towards small melancholic moments and finds the fantastical within them, creating an emotional hook with visually arresting imagery. For Patrick, short films serve as postcards from another time and place; a beautiful story told briefly in a constricted space. Patrick has directed two previous short films, a handful of commercial content, and an independent feature film that was released through Sony & The Orchard in 2016. Embers & Dust is Patrick’s first short film written, produced, and directed by him. In April of 2016, Patrick’s treatment for the project won Musicbed’s Annual Film Fund Initiative’s top selection – giving him the ignition and support he needed to bring this ambitious project to fruition. The support, coupled with Patrick’s resources, accumulated through previous projects, gave him the opportunity to finally set out and craft this meditative love letter to imagination, creativity, and Orson Welles.

In his own words:

Creating Embers & Dust was worth the wait. The moment we stepped on set, on the first day, everything felt right – everything from the impossibly perfect casting (shepherded by an outstanding up-and-coming casting director, Susanne Scheel) to the impeccable art department (ran by my wife, Charmaine Choi). Despite our encounters with black bears, the torrential summer downpours, and late night schedules, we all walked out with an incredible experience and a film that each of us is extremely proud of. Embers & Dust serves as a “thank you card” to Orson Welles, imagination, and the importance of mass media communications. Pushing the limits of our imaginations with clever storytelling, important themes, and deep messages. I believe we captured those elements here in Embers & Dust.

To read more about the actual night of the radio broadcast, click here.

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