The KERNS MICRO HOUSE is a minimalist 250ft² (23m²) dwelling created by FIELDWORK Design & Architecture from Portland, Oregon.

It is a fir clad, ground up Accessory Dwelling Unit that meets the City of Portland’s stringent design standards without sacrificing personality and presence. The modern, minimalist interior includes custom Oregon white oak cabinetry fabricated by FIELDWORK, generous natural light, and a custom Murphy bed/storage unit. The FIELDWORK team provided architectural and interior design services and also designed and fabricated all of the furniture and cabinetry.

All images by Polara Studio © KERNS MICRO HOUSE

FIELDWORK was founded in 2011 by architects Cornell Anderson and Timothy Fouch and interior designer Tonia Hein. FIELDWORK’s approach to a project is to develop a design that reflects the values and philosophy of the client, inspired from the context of the project site and history. This produces an architectural expression that is forward thinking, innovative, and timeless, creating a memorable and meaningful experience. Whether the work be architectural, interiors, furniture, or some blend of the three, FIELDWORK’s designs have a direct, profound connection to the natural environment. The designs utilize sustainable and local materials, take advantage of views to the area and landscape, and utilize natural ventilation and day lighting. Sensitivity to, and inspiration from, existing architecture, history and landscape are fundamental.

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