Ta-ku & Wafia - Love Somebody

Ta-ku & Wafia - Love Somebody

Regan Matthews, better known by his stage name Ta-ku, is an Australian musician, producer and photographer. Wafia Al-Rikabi, known professionally as Wafia, is an Australian singer songwriter of Arab origin. In August 2016, the two collaborated to create the album (m)edian, a trilogy of songs that started off as confessional conversations and became a body of work about love, compromise, and the sacrifice that comes with family.


Love Somebody is the 3rd part of the trilogy. The video is directed by Damon Cameron at Collider & Ta-ku. The direction of photography is by James L. Brown. For the full credits click here.

Damon Cameron describes the trilogy as a story about families, and the silence that can take place within family dynamics. How we can all see the elephant in the room at times, or for years even, but no one ever wants to address it. To watch all three parts as a music short click here.

All images © Collider / Ta-ku & Wafia – MEDIAN Part 3. Love Somebody – Damon Cameron


  1. I loved that - extremely surreal. I don't have any sound at the moment - probably made it more surreal.

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