Dents de lait

Dents de lait

Dents de lait (Milk teeth) is a multi-awarded animated short about loss and acceptance, created and directed by Julie Charette. The music is by Julia Mermelstein, the sound design by David Fiorentino, the narration by Omar Boufala and the final mix by Tim Horlor.

The loss of a tooth, combined with the greater loss of a relative, turns a young boy’s world upside down and makes him grow up faster than he wishes.

Julie Charette combined her passions for fine arts, storytelling and music in studying Film Animation in Concordia University (Montréal, Canada). Her strong yet delicate graduation film, “Dents de lait” (Milk Teeth) got the Prix de la Cinémathèque québécoise pour l’excellence en cinémation, the Mention spéciale du jury at the 2013 Festival des Films du Monde in Canada, the Students jury award in the 2013 Etiuda&Anima Festival in Poland, and was selected in over thirty international film festivals. Julie lives and works in Montreal.

All images © Julie Charette / Dents de lait (Milk teeth)

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