DublDom 26


DublDom is a modular housing system designed by architect Ivan Ovchinnikov, head of the Moscow-based firm BIO Architects. The DublDom system houses are designed to take off the shelf and install on the site of your choice in one single day. They have all the necessary installations ready – electricity, water and sewage, so that you only need to connect them to the local network. Standard features include all the sanitary equipment, furniture and household appliances, with prices starting at around 24.000€ ($25k) for the smallest one of their series, DublDom 26.


DublDom 26 is the first of the entire line of DublDom and the one they started their production with in 2014. It is a small and cozy house for 1-3 persons, suitable for permanent or seasonal living. On its 26m² (280 ft²) space of usable area you will find everything you need – the zone entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Its minimal size allows to spend a minimum of energy for heating and the house can be fully heated within an hour, even in extreme cold conditions. It is a house designed for those who spend time outdoors, but appreciate the comfort and warmth of a home, suitable for the hunter in the forest, a small company of friends in the mountains, or a young couple taking a break away from the city.

All images © BIO Architects & DublDom

After having operated only in Russia since its launch, DublDom is now taking pre-orders for the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe.

In the following video you can watch a floating version of the DublDom 26.

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