The 10 Most-Read Slippery Edge Articles of 2016

Nick Alm

The most popular features of the year, as chosen by our readers.

#10 M2

Polish architect Aleksander Kawiński has designed a smart, mobile, afforfable and ready-to-assemble dwelling system that does not require foundation and is dedicated to young people who want to make a new start.

#09 Inga Loyeva

Inga Loyeva is a painter from Odessa, Ukraine.

© Inga Loyeva

#08 Tiina Törmänen

Tiina Törmänen is a Finnish photographer.

© Tiina Törmänen

#07 Ed Freeman

Ed Freeman is an american fine art photographer.

© Ed Freeman

#06 Jennifer Kesteleyn

Jennifer Kesteleyn is a photographer from Ghent, Belgium.

© Jennifer Kesteleyn

#05 Shuji Kobayashi

Shuji Kobayashi is a portrait photographer from Tokyo, Japan.

© Shuji Kobayashi / Model: Lira from SOS Model Agency

 #04 Sonny Singh

Sonny Singh is a Danish/Indian freelance photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

© Sonny Singh

#03 Wikkelhouse

Wikkelhouse is a special little house, made out of cardboard.

© Wikkelhouse/Yvonne Witte

#02 LP – Lost On You

“Lost On You” is the second single from Laura Pergolizzi’s EP “Death Valley”.

#01 Nick Alm

Nick Alm is a Swedish painter based in Stockholm.

© Nick Alm


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