The 10 Most-Read Advertising Articles of 2016

Elegy for the Arctic

The most popular features of the year in advertising, as chosen by our readers.

#10 English for beginners

English for beginners is another Christmas ad going viral for the last few days. It is a little heartwarming commercial created by the Polish creative agency Bardzo for the auction site Allegro.

#09 Add the Ring

Each of the Olympic symbol’s rings represent one of the planet’s five continents. That’s why, this year, while the most important athletic contest on earth brings us all together, Fundación Vida Silvestre (which represents WWF in Argentina since 1988) launched “Add the ring”: a campaign to add the missing ring, the one representing the Antarctic, to the Olympic symbol and start to see the world as it really is.

#08 My Dad

My Dad is a cute advert with a little plot twist. It follows the story of Scarlett, a young girl who goes on a journey to reconnect with her busy dad.

#07 Blind Love

You know there is a reason why people close their eyes when they kiss, when they cry and when they pray… Because the most essential things in life must be felt with our hearts.

#06 Act of Love

Perhaps humans talk too much. We use too many words and misunderstand each other. We think too much and end up feeling afraid. But animals don’t worry over their decisions. They act out of need and express themselves instinctively. This is pure strength, and primal love. But whether human or animal, loving means taking action.

#05 Malak and the boat

Malak and the boat is a short animated PSA from Unicef and the advertising agency 180LA. #NoLostGeneration and “Some stories were never meant for children” are the key messages of the ad.

#04 Marriage Market Takeover

Women in China are advancing like never before: educating themselves, becoming financially independent and carving out a bigger role in society than being only someone’s wife or mother. In the same time, they face immense pressure to get married before they turn 27 to escape society’s labels of being “Sheng Nu”, or “leftover woman”, an implication that they have been passed over by men.

#03 Dream

Dream is a  stop-motion animated film created by Zombie Studio from Brazil (visuals) and Mophonics (sound) for the DDB New York creative agency and the WCFF’s (Wild Life Conservation Film Festival) current festival and conference campaign.

#02 Break The Routine

Break The Routine is a powerful short film directed by Noam Murro and created by JWT London and Biscuit Films for Victim Support and the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV).

#01 Elegy for the Arctic

In the 16th of June, acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi performed one of his own compositions on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean, in front of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway.

© Pedro Armestre / Greenpeace

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