Jenny Woods

Jenny Woods

Jenny Woods is a 24 years old self-taught photographer from south Florida. Throughout her childhood in rural America, her camera was her best friend. Her work evokes her own life: the turmoil of a small town girl fighting to make it in the city. She is an avid daydreamer, and one can see this dreamlike quality reflected in her art. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

In her own words:

I’m not your typical photographer. I don’t shoot by the rules. I love movement, grain, blur. I have a deep love of chaos and imperfection. Nothing is ever flawless in my eyes; everything is raw and messy. I want to change your perception of fashion – I want to bring life to still images. Forget studio lights and backdrops, I’m a sun chaser. I mix nature with human emotion. My goal isn’t to photograph pretty faces, but to capture soft, beautiful nostalgia.
I don’t think; I feel.

All images © Jenny Woods

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