The 10 Most-Read Art Articles of 2016

Nick Alm

The most popular features of the year in art, as chosen by our readers.

#10 ​Adam Lupton

Adam Lupton is a painter from Vancouver, Canada.

© Adam Lupton

#09 ​Lisa Kotoulas

Lisa Kotoulas is an artist from Sydney, Australia.

© Lisa Kotoulas

#08 Ben Smith

Ben Smith is an artist based in Sydney, Australia and is represented by Nanda Hobbs Contemporary.

© Ben Smith

#07 Sofi Senoglou

Sofi Senoglou is an artist from Greece.

© Sofi Senoglou

#06 Daniel Wimmer

Daniel Wimmer is an Austrian painter.

© Daniel Wimmer

#05 Inés Maestre

Inés Maestre is a visual artist from Spain, also known by the name in3stable.

© Inés Maestre

#04 Mathieu Laca

Mathieu Laca is a painter living and working in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

© Mathieu Laca

#03 Cristina Troufa

Cristina Troufa is a Portuguese artist born and based in Porto, Portugal.

© Cristina Troufa

#02 Inga Loyeva

Inga Loyeva is a painter from Odessa, Ukraine.

© Inga Loyeva

#01 Nick Alm

Nick Alm is a Swedish painter based in Stockholm.

© Nick Alm

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