Ronen Goldman

Ronen Goldman

Ronen Goldman is a California-born art and conceptual photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He originally studied to be a screenwriter but his inclination to the abstract soon made him turn to photography as the medium of choice to express himself. Ronen finds inspiration in the arts, music, painting, dance and human behaviour and is fascinated by dreams, the subconscious and everything that human endeavour has left uncharted. This is how “The Surrealistic Pillow” series was born 9 years ago. A conceptually constructed series of surreal photographs illustrating his various dream states. Carefully planned and executed in a painstaking process that often takes months, all parts of each image are shot on location to create optical illusions that convey a mix of sensations such as happiness, fear, sadness, joy, exhilaration or even paranoia, as after all that is what dreams do. Last November he added to the series a new immersive 360° surreal environment piece called “The Storyteller“. Ronen’s work has been featured in art fairs in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Israel as well as in numerous art publications. He is also doing commercial photography for ad agencies, magazines, brands, artists and private companies.

In his own words:

Ultimately, imagination is at the heart of what I do. The true pleasure of conceptual photography is taking something abstract and non-concrete and transforming it into a twisted and meaningful reality of its own. In my personal project, “The Surrealistic Pillow,” I fuse the real with the surreal, creating dream-inspired tableaus from the images that surface as I close my eyes.These images are created using careful camera work, computer editing and intricately layered individual components, but the result is all that matters. It’s like a magician’s illusion – you know things are not quite as they seem.

This is a sample of his work
All images © Ronen Goldman

In this short extract from the “Galitz” photo conference in Tel Aviv, Ronen speaks about the greatest obstacle in creating photos or art; doubt.

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