Shacky is a tiny house project, brainchild of Joep Pennartz, that can be located on farms across Victoria in Australia, as rent-able accommodation for lease by holiday makers looking to escape the city for the serenity of the countryside.

With the help of the well-known architect Jan van Schaik (MvS Architects) they researched what the ideal configuration would be for Shacky’s Tiny Houses. They asked themselves and others what a house meant, how people interact with it and how they could create something unique; a Tiny House specifically designed to bring its guest in contact with the surrounding environment. The result is their new 16m² (172ft²) Shacky.

All images © Shacky MvS Architects / Miniature model by little architecture

The Shacky is a simple 12-volt solar-powered, relocatable home that sleeps two inside, with a kitchen sink and bench,  a hot shower and a composting toilet, outside. These tiny houses provide an immersive and innovative residential experience, allowing people to holiday away from the distractions of the city and experience the relative privacy of the country. They are to be found on regional properties around Victoria and will both generate an income for the farmers hosting them, and give visitors the opportunity to experience the tranquillity that comes with living in a tiny house. A twist on luxury tourism accommodation, Shacky was founded to accomplish and fulfil exactly these two things: provide unique tiny house getaways on beautiful Australian properties and work with farmers to give them a helping hand in the form of alternative income. Their ultimate hope is to inspire more people to go out and enjoy the beautiful Australian landscape in a comfortable way.


  1. Just so happened I watched a documentary last night called The Minimalist, tiny houses were shown just like this.

  2. Comfortable, healthy and nature-friendly.. And that sure is cute! :)

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