Goldfrapp - Anymore

Goldfrapp - Anymore

Goldfrapp are an English electronic duo from London that consist of Alison Goldfrapp (vocals, synthesizer) and Will Gregory (synthesizer). Allison Goldfrapp began exploring music as part of her studies as a fine art painting major at Middlesex University, mixing sound, visuals, and performances in her installation pieces. By the late ’90s, one of her friends passed some of her demos on to composer Will Gregory. Finding much in common in their musical tastes and approaches, the duo took Allison’s surname as the name for their collaboration. After signing to Mute in 1999, Goldfrapp delivered their debut album, “Felt Mountain”, in fall 2000. Despite favourable reviews and a short-listing for the Mercury Prize, the album did not chart highly. Their second album “Black Cherry”, released in 2003, incorporated glam rock and synthpop sounds into their music and their third album “Supernature” took their work further into dance music and enjoyed international chart success. Their fourth album “Seventh Tree” placed a greater emphasis on ambient and downtempo music, drawing inspiration from nature and paganism, while their fifth album “Head First”, found the group exploring 1980s-influenced synthpop and earned the duo their second Grammy Award nomination for Best Electronic/Dance Album in 2010. Goldfrapp released their critically acclaimed sixth studio album, the folktronica-influenced Tales of Us, in September 2013.

“Anymore” is the first single from their brand new album “Silver Eye” (out Mar 31st). The video was shot on Fuerteventura, the largest of the Canary Islands. It is directed by Alison Goldfrapp and the direction of photography is by Stuart Bentley.

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  1. Really, really cool. Will buy and play again and again.

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