Precipicio is a delicate short animation film animated and directed by Wendy Eduarte upon an idea of hers and a script written by William Eduarte who was also responsible for the voice over and the sound design. The music is Joseph Hyson Myer‘s “All Will See” and additional cel animation is by Ana Chang, Eleena Bakrie, Whitney Lam, Youran Wang and Miao Wang. The film touches on somebody going through their daily routine, while realizing they are going to die at the end of this day.

Life is short and ephemeral, and when least expected things come to an end.

Wendy Eduarte grew up in a very small town in the natural paradise of Costa Rica. Growing up, she was always a curious and tiny human being who found comfort in video games, Playdough, and polaroid pictures as an everyday outlet for the sensitivity that has always defined her. All the hours invested into modeling fake ice cream and taking pictures of her tiny feet paid off when she started art school, double majoring in graphic design and photography. With that thirst for learning she always carries with her, she found her true passion for illustration and design, with only a small hiccup when she decided to start a third bachelors degree in French. After graduating, she started working as a graphic designer in an advertising agency, creating print and digital graphics for numerous brands in Costa Rica. She also worked as an in-house graphic designer managing digital branding and strategy for one of the biggest grocery store chains in the country. After working for a couple of years, she decided to move to Savannah, Georgia to pursue her masters, where she found a new true love in Motion Media Design. In her spare time Wendy is an illustration lover and typography nerd who collects books and finds excitement in food, especially in guacamole.

For the full animation process click here.

All images © Wendy Eduarte / Precipicio

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