Apartment 6F

Apartment 6F

Apartment 6F is an experimental hand painted stop-motion animation created by Matt Bollinger.


Matt Bollinger (born in 1980) is a american painter who lives in NY. He studied at the Yale University School of Art, the Kansas City Art Institute (BFA in Painting/Creative Writing) and earned his MFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design with honors in 2007. Through drawing, painting and collage he has been reconstructing memories and narratives of the everyday life in tones of melancholy and loneliness. A voracious reader and daydreamer, Matt sees his work as the manifestations of mental experience. He is represented by Zurcher Studio in NY and in Paris. Matt has had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, both solo and group in the US, France and Germany.

All images © Matt Bollinger / Apartment 6F

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