Maryna Ignatieva

Maryna Ignatieva
Alter ego, acrylic on canvas

Maryna Ignatieva is a painter from Kharkiv, Ukraine. She studied Painting at the Kharkov Art College, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and earned her MA in Monumental Painting from the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland and Italy. Recently she collaborated with intouchwithrobots, a Russian progressive rock band, to create a new piece based on her “Alter ego” work, that will be the third cover for their songs.

According to Intouchwithrobots’ producer Ray Fano:

These works both music-wise and art-wise illustrate the transition between a former self and a future self, when something dies inside and is reborn. The first step is a thought, the second is a death and the third step is a destruction, therefore, a new beginning.

All images © Maryna Ignatieva

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  1. intense and emmotional

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