Life's Adventure

Life's Adventure

Life’s Adventure is the latest ad for French home improvement store Leroy Merlin. It is created by the BETC Shopper advertising agency and the production is by La Pac.

The film is a beautiful metaphor of life as we follow a young couple going through various phases in a long journey to make a house the home of their dreams. It is directed by Reynald Gresset who was also responsible for the direction of photography and set to a rendition of “Sail”, originally sung by Rod Stewart. The scenes were shot three times; on dry land, on a moving set and on water and the shooting took place during seven days in South Africa, using divers, drones and helicopters.

Reynald Gresset’s journey as a filmmaker began with his work as an operator for international news outlets, filming from Afghanistan to China and Lebanon to South America. These early experiences shaped his interest in the ever changing human landscape and the power of creative expression. Reynald’s desire to constantly evolve as a director and master the craft of filmmaking prompted his transition into commercials. His approach to filmmaking is defined by his desire to understand the personal dimensions of a story, capturing with his camera the powerful fragments of human experience. His naturalistic approach and photographic sensibility in the use of light infuse his aesthetic, creating a lucid and yet poetic look that translates on screen into visually sophisticated, cinematic, and truly vibrant imagery.

All images © LA PAC / Leroy Merlin – Life Adventure – Reynald Gresset !

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