DROP box

DROP box

DROP box is a modular micro architecture solution, designed by Barcelona-based creative studio In-Tenta, to have little to no impact on the natural ecological environment. The modules are manufactured off-site and use lightweight materials which makes them easy to transport to the location. It is available in two different cladding materials, natural wood and cement-wood panels. Natural wood provides a renewable building material that requires less energy to produce, extract, manufacture and transport than other common building materials, offering a solution for both environmentally conscious use and warm modern interior design. The panels of a mixture of wood particles and cement, present a low-maintenance solution for the DROP box facade, as well as the interior finishing. This composite material combines the flexibility of wood with the durability of cement and present a non-homogeneous appearance, which is a product natural feature.


DROP box comes in two sizes. Available in configurations with one or two fair-sized bedrooms and ample sized 3-piece panoramic bathroom, DROP box can accommodate two adults or a family of four in a natural yet comfortable setting. Both the front and the back side are covered with large floor to ceiling windows, providing fantastic views, filling the inside with natural light and removing the barriers of indoor and outdoor to fully immerse travellers into the natural world outside. On the front, there is a wooden outdoor terrace perfect for relaxing and enjoying the surrounding. Having coffee in the middle of the forest, or hanging out on top of a cliff, DROP box is especially suitable for anyone who has an inherent yearning for nature but doesn’t want to cause a negative impact on the environment as a consequence of its temporary accommodation in nature. The DROP collection is part of the large emerging trend in the field of modular micro-architecture and a modular hotel suite which opens up a whole new world of travelling possibilities with versatile hotel rooms that can be dropped in resorts and small hotels located in natural settings, with possibility to expand the number of rooms, in order to enjoy the views, nature or natural landmarks.

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In-Tenta design, led by the designers Manel Duró and Marta Gordillo, is a Barcelona-based creative studio founded in 2012, that together with brands that invest in design as a tool for innovation, develops new ideas and creates a wide range of products, from small accessories to micro-architecture. Functionality, innovation and sustainability are important aspects of their work. In-Tenta design and estudibasic, an interior design studio specialized in photography and CG images for the furnishing and decoration industry, are partners and offer a wide range of services.

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