Fyfe - Love You More

Fyfe - Love You More

Paul Dixon is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. Following his work under the David’s Lyre alias, he is now using the musical project name Fyfe. A prodigal young talent, Dixon’s childhood was spent learning the violin, piano, trumpet and playing in youth orchestras but it was Paul’s older brother who was to open him up to the relatively rebellious possibilities of Pop. Having gotten his hands on his brother’s Logic recording set-up, Paul shifted away from the influence of his classical schooling, to writing his own songs whilst studying Economics at University in Manchester. Parallel to this passion for academia, he was also starting to post material on Myspace and YouTube under the alias of David’s Lyre. Suddenly the two worlds were colliding and something had to give: halfway through his course he dropped out. Having signed with Believe Recordings, Fyfe released his debut album “Control” in 2015.


Love You More is the first single from his upcoming album “The Space Between”, which is due to be released on June 9th. The video is directed by BABYBABY and the direction of photography is by Benjamin Wearing. The choreography is by Pepa Ubera and the dancers are Matthew Morris, Yan, Nathan Goodman, Maria O Galliani, Alejandro Ali Fernandez and Misa Koide.

Love is twisted, deformed and out of shape.

All images © BABYBABY / Fyfe – Love You More

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  1. LOVE THIS. Thank you for exposing me to so much awesome music and art.

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