La Grieta

La Grieta

La Grieta (The Crack) is the latest short of La Academia de Animación in Barcelona, Spain. It is directed by Lula Gómez and Jordi Piulachs with the participation of the students: Andrea de la Torre, Carlos Villareal, Cintia Rodríguez Veuthey, Fabrizio Desideri, Helena García Ulldemolin, Iván Albacete, Julio Lorenzo, Laura Carranza, Marina Soteras Fradera, Mario González, Núria Anguren, Paula Trolliet and Guillem Puig. For the full credits click here.

A child lives in a terrible routine. One day finds a way to escape, and the world will no longer be what it was.

^ The female voice over coming though the speakerphone was meant to be incomprehensible as it actually says nothing (it’s in a fake language).

Jordi Piulachs is a stop motion animator, screenwriter and animation director. He has won several awards and more than one hundred and fifty official selections at film festivals around the world; several of which have won prizes in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Italy and Brazil. His shorts are characterised by the lack of dialogue between his characters and a strong commitment to female protagonists. Lula Gómez is a filmmaker and stop motion animator. She has worked for national and international agencies and producers, winning many awards and festival selections. She has also been a stop motion teacher in Barcelona and has organised stop motion workshops for festivals, schools and other events. In February 2013, Lola and Jordi founded La Academia de Animación in Barcelona. Along with  Guillem Puig, in 2016 they created the Stop Motion Barcelona Short Film Festival, the first and only festival in Spain dedicated exclusively to stop motion animation.

All images © La Academia de Animación / La Grieta

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