You Are Awake

You Are Awake

“You Are Awake” is a short film directed and photographed by Pedro Martín-Calero, written by Daniel Remón, Joe Rosen and Pedro Martín-Calero. The editing is by Sacha Szwarc, the music is by Olivier Arson and the art direction and costumes are by Jose Tirado. The film was commissioned by Channel 4 Random Acts and produced by Colonel Blimp. For the full credits click here and here.

It is an interpretation of the bizarre, real-life events that took place in 2013, when the inhabitants of a small village in Kazakhstan mysteriously fell asleep en masse for days.

Pedro Martín-Calero is a Spanish director whose work explores the space between the physical and the psychological. To read an interview with the director click here.

Random Acts is a short-form daily arts strand on Channel 4, first launched in 2011. Since then it has showcased over 600 specially-commissioned three-minute films chosen for their radical and vibrant approach to filmmaking and artistic practice.

All images © Pedro Martín-Calero Medrano / You Are Awake

To read more about the Kazakhstan sleeping incident click here.

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