Valentin Fischer

Valentin Fischer
Portrait of a young woman, oil on board

Valentin Fischer is a German based self taught painter, born in 1984 in Stuttgart. He studied Communication Design at the University of Design in Schwaebisch Gmuendd and has worked in the field of creative design as a freelance illustrator and an interface designer. Having learnt a lot from the web and influenced by other artists such as James Jean and Sam Weber, Valentin began to create artwork using entirely digital processes and gradually moved to working exclusively with traditional mediums such as oils. His work features portraits of various people integrated with abstract, symbolic and geometric forms and shapes. It has been featured in numerous exhibitions mostly in the US and has been published internationally. Valentin currently lives and works in Stuttgart.

This is a sample of his work
All images © Valentin Fischer

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  1. Tremendous - absolutely fascinating approach to portraits, I think.

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