Milky Chance - Blossom

Milky Chance - Blossom

Milky Chance is a German folk group originating from Kassel. It consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein, DJ, producer Philipp Dausch and guitarist Antonio Greger. Their music incorporates elements of folk, reggae and jazz and they have cited diverse artists as influences, including reggae and rock artists such as Bob Marley, Ray Charles, and John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band uses a relatively simple equipment setup both live and in the studio and their debut releases were recorded in 2013 with only a MacBook Pro, a guitar, a microphone, and Logic Pro. Rehbein will often write a song on guitar without lyrics, with Dausch then producing the track. The group also periodically performs and records acoustically, bringing in guest instrumentalists.

“Blossom” is the first track of their second studio album under the same name released worldwide on 17 March 2017. The video is directed by Milky Chance and Anthony Molina and the direction of photography is by Anthony Molina.

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