“123” is a short animated film created by Hannah Gibbs for her first year at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). The music is composed and arranged by Elsa Lund, Rachel Iba and Gina Kodel from Primero Sueño.

A girl battles her OCD as she tries to leave her apartment to join her friends at a party.


Hannah Gibbs is an American artist and character designer/visual developer currently on the 2nd year of her BFA studies in Character Animation at CalArts.

All images © Hannah Gibbs / “123”

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  1. Extremely talented. Thank you for sharing. Having been in the marketing and advertising business, I totally envision this as being used for some kind of medication commercial on TV and even in print or a PSA. On the other hand, it's so real and stylish - I admire the creativity and originality of the work. Thanks for sharing.

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