It's Tuna

It's Tuna

“It’s Tuna” (Es Atún) is one of the two films created by La Comunidad  creative agency for Film Suez’s latest campaign. Film Suez is a media, communication and entertainment company that offers its clients a full service of integral advertising in Argentina and Uruguay. The campaign is directed by Augusto Giménez Zapiola, the direction of photography is by Julian Ledesma and the production is by Argentina Cine.

The film follows a duo of castaways who are about to make a decision.

The film uses social satire to conclude with the recommendation “wherever the world is going, do not go; or at least take a couple of hours to go see an independent movie” and aired in the latest edition of Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival. According to the creative director Fernando Soza, the campaign was designed with the challenge to redefine the role of independent cinema and further strengthen it as a space for social reflection.

You can watch the other film of the campaign here.

All images © ArgentinaCine / FilmSuez_EsAtun_ENG

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