Musicidio is a short animated stop-motion film written, directed, produced and edited by Ferriol Tugues. The direction of photography is by Gustavo Arens, costumes are by Jimena Alonso, original music is a composition of Sergio Cavero, while art and animation is by Miguel Conradi, Valentin Falconi, Ferriol Tugues, Sara Stephen, Martí Muntañola, Constantinos Michaelides and Gustavo Arens. For the full credits click here.

A short about the disrespect that artists often have to suffer and the stubbornness to get over it.

Ferriol’s Vimeo

Ferriol Tugues is a compositor, stop-motion animator and filmmaker. After graduating in Advertising, he worked for 10 years as an advertising and creative director in some of the finest advertising agencies in Barcelona and in 2013 he decided to do a career change into animation, starting from scratch. Musicidio (2015) was his second short animation in the Barcelona Film School as a director and screenwriter; the first was Chorizo de Chorizos (2014). Since moving in the UK he has worked as a compositor for the stop-motion indie film “Chuck Steel: Night of Trampires” and is currently involved in the visual effects of the new Aardman feature film “Early Man”. Musicidio has been screened in more than 70 international film festivals, collecting ten awards along the way (four of them from the public) and one special mention.

All images © ferriol / Musicidio

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