La Tache

La Tache

La Tache (The Stain) is a short animated stop motion film written and directed by Chloé Alliez.

In a sterile world, a stain appears. Panicked, the couple locks himself in their home. Man tries by irrational means to protect themselves from the dark threat which continues to approach.

Chloé Alliez, born in France in 1988, went to Brussels and studied in Saint-Luc, where she graduated with a bachelor‘s degree in Illustration. In 2011 she started studying Animation in La Cambre. She did an Erasmus with the University South of Wales and received a master‘s degree in 2015 with four stop-motion movies. She uses recycled objects for the making of her short films and illustrations.

All images © Chloé Alliez / La Tache (The Stain)

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  1. Frightening!

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