Cuánto, Más allá del dinero

Cuánto, Más allá del dinero

Cuánto, Más allá del dinero (How Much, Beyond Money) is a a sci-fi thriller short created by MRM/McCann Spain for Banco Santander España. It is inspired from the book “El Comprador de Recuerdos” by María del Pilar Cuartero Sancho. The film is written and directed by Kike Maíllo, starring Adriana Ugarte, Miquel Fernández, Will Shepard and Bárbara Goenaga. The direction of photography is by Alex Catalán and the production by Oxígeno. The campaign won the Entertainment Lions Grand Prix at Cannes.

In a near future where it is possible to buy and sell experiences, Lucía decides to sell some of hers to become richer.

The challenge for MRM/McCann was to communicate the launch of a new bank product to Millennials, the generation of people who grew up within the economic crisis and blame the banks for the downturn. Challenging the concept of wealth, the film questioned the real value of money over experiences and managed to spark a national conversation on the issue.

All images © Producciones Oxígeno / Kike Maillo – Cuánto, Más allá del dinero

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